The 151 Chadburn Squadron is one of the most highly decorated squadrons in Ontario. The squadron promotes physical fitness, discipline, personal development, moral charter, leadership and citizenship. The air cadet programme is a three way partnership with 151 squadron, DND (military arm) and Air Cadet League (liason between the two). The squadron is comprised of Oshawa youth aged 13-19, one of the best youth groups available for this age group. The programme is run locally by a dedicated staff of officers and volunteers. Volunteers are the key to the squadron’s success. The size of the squadron ranges from 145 to 160 cadets. Many cadets have gone on to fly helicopters or fighter jets for the military.



It was an inspired idea that produced the plan to join in a park setting, the present and future gardens along the banks of the Oshawa Creek. A part of the process was the building of the Rotary Bridge. The Oshawa and Parkwood Rotary Clubs joined forces to provide funds for the beautiful bridge. Appropriately, the bridge was dedicated in 2005 to honour International Rotary’s 100" anniversary.
In 2013, once again through the efforts of the two Oshawa Clubs, an elegant domed rotunda was unveiled to the public. This is the centre piece of a peaceful oasis in the midst of a bustling city.
It was John Henry, a fellow Rotarian and Mayor of Oshawa, who rescued an antique bronze Rotary emblem from the Rotary archives. It is installed on the floor of the Rotunda for all to be reminded of Rotary’s community service.


The Rotary Club of Oshawa Charitable Fund was incorporated in the Province of Ontario in 1961 as a corporation without share capital and is a registered charity designated as a public foundation by Revenue Canada. The purpose of the Fund is to receive bequests and other donations of cash or property in order to provide an additional source of income to expand the scope of the work of the Rotary Club of Oshawa. The Fund is administered by a separate Board of Directors elected or appointed annually in accordance with the By-Laws of the Rotary Club of Oshawa Charitable Fund.
Sources of Income
1) Gifts for the present: Outright Gifts of cash or property
2) Gifts for the future: Naming the Rotary Club of Oshawa Charitable Fund as a benificiary in a Will or a life insurance policy
3) Gifts that give back: Gifts of property which allow the donor to enjoy its use even after it has been given to the Fund
4) Investment Income


In February 2020 three members of our club, Emmy Theme, Stanley Lilavois and Bukky Ojo travelled to Consuelo, Dominican Republic and teamed up with Bob Jarvest of the Whitby Sunrise Rotary Club to participate in the sweat equity work to bring aids to the poor communities and helped with construction of houses, installations of water purification systems and solar lights for the residents of the Bates (sugar cane plantation workers).


We are partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to provide medicare and aid to those in need. Worldwide we have donated over 1 Billion dollars to providing education, immunizations, and healthcare to wipe out this deadly disease. 
PolioPlus is a far reaching organization, dedicated to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Rotary is a leader in the private sector, seeking to rid the world of Polio. This crippling disease has plagued humanity for over 30 years. PolioPlus is setting a standard worldwide as the strongest model of public-private cooperation as we pursue a humanitarian goal.