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What a Great Meeting... and what a surprise!!!  Who is she???
Peter Hernandez and Mike Adams aka “Bonnie and Clyde” (I’m not sure which one was which!) advertised The Night of a Thousand Dinners to be held on November 21 at 6.30pm in aid of The Canadian Landmines Foundation which promotes and supports financially the campaign to eradicate landmines around the world. The price is $75 a head which includes a great dinner in The Mess, a donation to the foundation and the chance to listen to a very interesting guest speaker, David Collonette, the Canadian Minister of Defense at the time of the signing of the Ottawa Treaty banning landmines
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The Oshawa Night of 1000 Dinners on November 21, 2018 will feature David Collenette as guest speaker.  David was the Minister of National Defense (1993-1996) leading up to the signing of the Ottawa Treaty and will tell the stories behind the scene how the Canadian military came to support the ban on landmines and how that made the Ottawa Treaty possible.
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Several enthusiastic Oshawa Rotarians braved the rain and joined in the Communities with Brooms in the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens..
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Rotarians Peter and Trish, from the Rotary Club of Oshawa, finished their Rotary Leadership Level 2 Course.
Left to Right- Rotary District 7070 Governor Neil Phillips, Rotary Club Parkwood President Ted Morrison, Rotarian Trish Best, Rotarian Peter Hernandez, Rotary Club Facilitator Dave Andrews.
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President Ron presented the $10,000 cheque for the FSSH Graduate Rotary Bursary. to Jodie Cowan who received it on behalf of UOIT. Jodie also presented the endowment fund report to President Ron and thanked our club for our additional support for undergraduate bursaries..
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Posted on Nov 22, 2017
The Candy Canes and Float were ready go on Saturday’ for the Parade of Lights downtown Oshawa! Special thank you to the Polar Bear Swim Committee and Vito for his float building expertise!
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On Thursday, October 12, 2017,  The Rotary Club of Oshawa held a Night of a Thousand Dinners with members of the Rotary Club of Oshawa, Rotary Club of Oshawa - Parkwood and Rotary Club of Ajax in attendance, at the Officers' Mess of the Ontario Regiment in Oshawa, Ontario. The gala dinner ensured that proceeds went to support the Canadian Landmine Foundation, with the removal of landmines around the world.

Senator Art Eggleton, was the keynote speaker at the Event in Oshawa. Senator Eggleton was the Canadian Defence Secretary, at the time that the Landmines Treaty was signed .

Left to right - Senator Art Eggleton, Rotarian Trish Best, Rotary Club of Oshawa President Ron Dick

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The Rotary Clubs of Oshawa and Oshawa- Parkwood hosted over 100 Rotarians and guests from more than 10 Rotary Clubs in Rotary International District 7070. Rotarians and their guests came from Etobicoke in the west to Trenton in the East and everywhere in between at the “revived” Rotary Friendship Day,on Monday, September 25, 2017 on the grounds near the reflecting pool at Parkwood, to help celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Parkwood Estate, it was announced today by Ron ***, President of the Rotary Club of Oshawa and by Ted Morrison, President of the Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood, who is also a Past District Governor of District 7070.
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Thank you to all of our 2017 Sponsors and to all of our patrons who came out and enjoyed a great weekend of food, music and memories made with family and friends! All of the money raised by the Oshawa Rotary club over this weekend will go back into your community to help with various programs including but not limited to breakfast and snack programs in the schools, scholarships, Junior Fire Fighting, 151 Lloyd 
151 Chadburn Squadron - Royal Canadian Air Cadets.
Thank you to all of our volunteers as well with out your tireless work and support this weekend would not be possible!
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75th Annual Inspection of the RCAC 151 Chadburn Squadron 2017-06-05 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Oshawa Annual Past Presidents Honours and Awards Dinner - June 5, 2017 2017-06-05 04:00:00Z 0
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Congratulations to Kasia Stawiarski and Cierra Kozole from Dwyer for receiving the Rotary Scholarship Awards presented by Tom Maxwell at their graduation ceremony. 
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This was a huge privilege for The Rotary Club of Oshawa and for me as President to host The Queen's Representative in Ontario. She is such a graceful lady and impressed everyone with her 'Her Honour the Hon. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, the 29th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario visited the Rotary Club of Oshawa at a special meeting at the Oshswa Jubilee Pavillionon Friday May 20th. It attendance included many civic officials including the Oshawa Mayor and Rotarian, John Henry and Rotary District 7070 Governor, Michael Bell meet and greet' session before lunch and her speech after lunch.
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$1000 Scholarship presented by Glenyce MacDonald 
$500 Scholarship presented by Major Dale Bliss
Paul Harris Fellow Award presented to Major Dale Bliss, presented by President Geoff Lloyd
Some Rotary Air Cadet Committee members in attendance, Bill Stirling, Mayor John Henry, Glenyce MacDonald, Rhonda VanderLinde, Major Dale Bliss, Tom Hogson, George McCormick, Dr. Garry Kindree, President Geoff Lloyd
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Aurore introduced our speaker, Heather McMillan from Durham Workforce Authority on Monday. She was a little bit English and a little bit French!

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